Magellanic Cloud has signed up for the 7th floor of the DallasCenter Building

We are overjoyed to announce that we have now signed up for the seventh floor of the DallasCenter building.
The seventh floor which is the addition of our existing premises on the 6th floor, not just brings extra workspace for our dedicated employees but also sets the tone that complements our work culture. Using the expertise in IoT sensors, room air quality monitors, people counters, temperature monitors, etc., this place is made exceptionally comfortable in all aspects. More productivity, better ambiance, and exceptional indoor conditions set this floor apart in terms of employee and client experience.
Further, this floor is set to be equipped with a cafeteria that will have the capacity to seat a hundred people, thus providing our dedicated team of professionals an outlet to refresh and rejuvenate themselves.
We would like to thank each and everyone who has supported us in our journey, and made this feat possible.

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