Magellanic Cloud works in the Digital space and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the ticker MCLOUD. Above all, we connect excellent technology and their implementation processes. We do this worldwide. Magellanic Cloud is represented by multiple brands with office locations in Europe, USA and Asia. Therefore, we are able to deliver a wide scope of solutions to practically anywhere in the world. Read more below on our key assets.

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Human Capital and its importance is transforming the market. In addition, many organizations are more aware that the backbone of Capital is actually in people. Magellanic Cloud provides Human Capital to its customers. And, for many of its customers, Magellanic Cloud is a steady partner in Human Capital requirements. This is not just about hiring. It is about employee retention, productivity and training. Therefore, the mission is to make sure employees have economic value for employers. For classical capital you go see a bank, for Human Capital you go see Magellanic Cloud. The USA based subsidiary is JNIT with offices in New Jersey, Texas and California.

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Digital Transformation is a mission statement for many CIO’s. However, this can be a complex process. Magellanic Cloud helps with your competitive edge and cost reduction. Above all, we drive customer loyalty and retention. This is complex and requires more then just ‘new Software’. Many organizations need an external eye on their current Processes. Therefore we provide advice on how to modernize the digital experience for both your employees and your customers. Magellanic Cloud delivers on this through its Partner Hoozin and Motivity Labs based in Texas, Singapore, India and Europe.



Devops has now become a mainstream requirement. In other words, everybody needs it and it is of a growing importance. Magellanic Cloud helps organizations to combine IT Operations and Software Development into a continuous process. Above all, we deliver in a timely manner the required skill-sets, with a ‘get it done’ attitude. Together with Motivity Labs and JNIT, Magellanic Cloud provides smart offerings to deal with Devops Projects, fast and cost effectively.


Magellanic Cloud has a subsidiary in the USA under the name JNIT. It also operates worldwide with an ecosystem of Partners such as Hoozin.

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Digital Transformation Partner

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