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JNIT Technologies

JNIT Technologies INC. is a subsidiary of MAGELLANIC CLOUD, majorly focusing on human capital and digital transformation.

Motivity Labs

Motivity Labs is an award-winning IT Services company that focuses on Cloud, Mobile, Big data, and Innovation.

Scandron Solutions

Scandron Solutions holds a prominent position as a premier drone manufacturer and provider of drone-based services.


Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System builds, delivers, installs, monitors and maintains surveillance systems. We strive to make innovation affordable to businesses while preventing theft and vandalism.

Services We Provide


Magellanic Cloud is a holding company invested in entities offering cloud solutions, IT services, and advanced drone technology. Over the years, we have helped our investors gain maximum value and returns from their investments. We leverage cutting-edge data technologies to make insightful business decisions that are in harmony with the interest of our investors

Magellanic Cloud is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the ticker MCLOUD. Check out its public financial results here.

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Magellanic Cloud follows the best practices of corporate governance to ensure transparency and accountability.

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Learn about our annual updates and future plans.

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Learn more about our investors and shareholding pattern.

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Magellanic Cloud operates on clearly documented policies to ensure transaprency and accountability.

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Learn about investor relations, board outcomes, valuation reports, and more.

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Our Articles feature interesting and informative articles on talent sourcing and training services, IT solutions for product development, and drone solutions and robotic security

Case Studies

Our case study compendium carries our finest work towards leveraging next-gen technologies like digital information, IT services and drone-based specialized inspection solutions


Stay updated with the latest news, headlines, and events happening in the technology. Never miss out on any technology update!

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