We are Magellanic Cloud

‘’Providing excellent return on investments for our customers, while mitigating risk and macro events’’

Magellanic Cloud provides an investment strategy while keeping a balance between risk and benefit. Magellanic Cloud operates in clearly defined markets. These markets are generally trending, predictable in its nature and represent significant ongoing growth. Magellanic Cloud is listed on BSE.

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We operate markets

‘‘Digital Transformation market size is projected to be around US$ 462 billion by 2023.’’

Magellanic Cloud operates in the Information Technology space. In this wide spectrum we focus on key growth market areas such as Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, DevOps, Application Rationalization and Digital Asset Management. We optimize efficiency through tools, processes and people. Therefore, our IT Staffing companies play a key role in accelerating digital transformation using sheer brainpower.

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The Magellanic Cloud go-to-market strategy

‘‘Our strategy is built around an eco-system of companies with critical synergy. This allows us to reach target markets faster and achieve a competitive advantage.’’

Magellanic Cloud consists of companies that are very close to the reality of the terrain. Each has it’s unique skill set and market place. On the other hand, synergy, shared services and corporate resources reduce costs and allows proven operating standards. This full integration enables cross-sell throughout our holding company, guaranteeing higher growth and better margins.

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We do Projects

‘‘The global Enterprise Software Market is projected to witness a steady CAGR of around 5.47% during 2016-2022 while the global staffing revenue is around $461 billion with a forecasted growth of 7%.’’

Magellanic Cloud executes complex IT Projects for its customers worldwide. The key deliverables are around DevOps, which consists of Cloud Migrations, Platform Migration, MS Azure and Amazon Cloud Administration, Application Delivery and AD optimization. Other Projects consist of Human Capital, such as IT staffing and placement. In the Digital Transformation space we operate projects such as Digital Workplace, Application Rationalization, Digital Asset Management, IoT and Change Management. All Projects are a mix of Human Capital, Software and Services.