JNIT, a Magellanic Cloud subsidiary, acquired Motivity Labs

Representatives from JNIT and Motivity Labs announced this week that the two companies will be merging on March 1st2020. Motivity labs will continue to operate under its own brand and name.

Motivity Labs is currently a leading force in Big Data, QA, Cloud computing and Mobile Services serving many Customers in both USA and India while JNIT‘s expertise lies in Devops and HR placements The merger has come about in order to build synergy and scale up Marketing as well as deliverables.

JNIT is a subsidiary of Magellanic Cloud, (BSE: MCLOUD). JNIT specializes in devops automation, digital transformations and new product development. It has years of track record and Partners with organizations from around the world such as RPR Wyatt and Hoozin.

JNIT CEO, Joseph Thumma states‘’We believe investing in Motivity Lab is both excellent timing as well as good chemistry. Motivity Labs is in line with Magellanic Cloud overall strategic vision to become a Digital Power house, serving both mid-size as well as Fortune 500 organizations.’’

Motivity Labs can now be added to family of brands operated under Magellanic Cloud.