Many startups are created around the world. The main motivation is often not about money. It rather is about a drive to solve complex problems or create easier processes. Entrepreneurs and startups are welcome at Magellanic Cloud. We know startups also serve a greater good. Startups encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. As a result, this will lead to new job opportunities and provides support to the (local) economy. This drives talented youth to start their own ventures. We are strong believers in the innovation economics principle. This growing economic theory emphasizes entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs and technological changes are at the heart of economic growth.

It is passion and self motivation that can bring great ideas to the next level. At Magellanic Cloud, we are always at the look out for new and bright ideas. By providing financing, operational support and advice we help startup companies. As a result, we have created an ecosystem of startups and established organisations with long-term growth potential. We have made past investments in Devops organisations, IoT providers, Digital Workplace providers and in AI technology. Some known brands are Motivity Labs, Hoozin, HelixSense, JNIT and more…

We mostly seek innovation and disruption in the Digital Transformation space and Human Capital space.

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